any merit at all to thiz genzui?

or am i juz that gullibl to enjoy thiz info?


WTF. I call cheesy bullshit.

speaking of cheesy bullshit, try this one on (also taken from the Horowitz yahoo group) … ew=excerpt

just :whale:

Just what the hell is that? I puked in my mouth a little while reading that.

total BS. my teacher had several lessons with Horowitz in NY back in the 70s and said he was a godawful teacher. the whole lesson was him playing and not explaining what or why he was doing what he was doing…

What the hell is that illiterate tripe?

I think he was trying to channel Jack Kerouac. Epic Fail.


3rd grade literature, anyone?

Me and Glenn Gould went to the store and bought slurpees and they were delicious and then we went home and played Super Smash Brothers it was great.

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also omg even his penis wore a wool coat and mittens

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Strangely enough, this Thomas Bernhard seems to have been quite a respected Novelist and Playwright.

Maybe his work is the kind that grows on you.

i doubt it. i’ve heard of him before from real literary nuts who say he’s one of the most overrated writers of the 20th century

K, I was just going by his Wikipedia page and seeing as how every one of his works has its own wiki page, I just assumed he’s popular somehow.

popular ≠ good


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hahah tru tiz remidn moi of da tym i met da :pimp: whu unleazhed a :stop: complete chopetz n aftah wipin da fury from hiz brow zaid tru:

“da :comme: , remembah diz name, fo he vill cary my tru zpirit forth to da ppl”

n i zaid "ic :dong: "

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hahahaha fuckkk da CATZ returneth 8)


truth, but even the sdc had its own wikipedia page at one time :ziff:

we all know how underrated the sdc is