anybody going to this doc concert? … anceID=503


sorry gruff…tiz tha wrong april 29th

thiz april 29 a zunday first of all, and 2th, tha tix go on zale Aug 2005 :doc:

Tru I went to dat, some other mofos here did too can’t remember who though

In otha newz, NYC mofos can catch da Freire at the Met on April 19th n sum othaz pianiztz before dat: … p?EventId={02807BB9-03C2-4A83-AD57-F83933960171}

^copy/pazte, tru.


n yet othah newz tha :doc: pozz play :chop: Op. 58 at Harvard on 30 march…da volodya attend but who elze iz goin??