anybody here live near/in toronto?

I might make it up for 2-3 days in early-mid January to Toronto. Anybody wanna meet up for a concert/beer/whatev?


tru meet up da robbah

juz expect a hangovah next day 8)

ahaha tru ther iz in fact quite a few sdc’ahz in toronto i think :doc:

i wud lykly be down :gav:

M*zart pozz? … art-I.aspx

Maybe a bit late… … ue/koerner … ue/koerner

GRace Kim? Which Grace Kim?? Rosegrace from Banff? seriously?

No, seriously? Grimaud with Liszt B minor…I prefer going to mcdonalds

Ya Grace from Banff!

Funny thing about Grimauds programme, is that Aimard is basically playing the same one later on in the season. … ue/koerner

I wonder … :stop: :stop:

I wonder why everyone has the Liszt sonata in their recital programmes recently? Hamelin, Berezovsky, Grimaud, Aimard, Hough…

something to do with 200th anniversary of Liszt maybe?

mmm… i hadn’t made the connection, with it being 2010 and all… but it wsa just me being stupid.

me too :slight_smile:

hey Sam, or Rob, any chance to record Aimard??? I WONDER how the hell sounds his Liszt Sonata.

I can try to record it with a Zoon Q3 from school.
That’s if I’m there, but it’s fairly likely.

there should be more schumann sonatas this year

Da Shoko pozz?

(Nov 22)