anybody recommend seeing Moravec in Philly?

I’m thinking of making a trip from Boston --> Philadelphia in October to see Moravec… solo rectal (Bach chrom/fugue, Beethoven c minor vars, chopin and debussy pour le piano)

Anybody who’s seen him recommend a good concert? It’s just been so long since I’ve seen a pianist of very high caliber play live. Last ones I saw at BSO were Peter Serkin, Lise de la Salle, and Hamelin. :confused:

I’ve never seen him live but I’d certainly go. I bet that when playing live, he has this spontaneity which may be missing in some of his studio performances. Do you like his Debussy / Chopin?

Haven’t listened. His Janacek that you posted is the first real recording I’ve listened to with full attention. It’s definitely a little strange, sometimes way too straight-laced and stodgy, and other times bursting with creativity. But it’s interesting!

I am sure it’s worth more than Lise de la Salle’s concert.

Agree, he sometimes seems too much concerned about sounding beautiful (which he always does) - and the result is sounding stodgy; this mars some of his recordings IMO. Especially his Chopin sounds too subdued in many cases, though it really depends on my mood whether I like him or not. Some time ago I read that people have different tempo preferences depending on the time of day - typically they prefer faster tempi in the morning and slower tempi during the evening, apparently because the heart beat tends to slow down during the evening, IIRC. So assuming this is true and the concert is in the evening, you might enjoy it. :confused: