anyone watching Turangalila Symphonie live on

fucking legendary

and Thibaudet effortless playing… respec

i dont like thibaudet in turangalila very much, honestly. he makes the piece sound too boring and technical.

thibaudet makes most pieces sound like that in my experience

I agree, I watched a bit of it, but I got too hungry and nobody was around to make me any food. Im hoping it will be on VoD later on.
There was supposed to be a concert of Kissin playing a Chopin concerto right after it, but apparently he didnt want any of his recitals being broadcast live. Hopefully that will be on VoD later also like his solo recital.

i live in malaysia
cant view d channel

hahaha JACKO :stop: :stop: :stop:

that sux :cry:

I keep listening to this piece, but I cant grasp it. Im sure I must be missing something. I dont think I could ever be bothered learning the piano part, it sounds so uncreative to my ears.
The whole way through it sounds like the piano is just slapping at the keys and making strange chords, and every now and again cascades of nots which sound like the random chords, but just spread instead.
At first the ondes Martenot with its woooooooooooooooooooo sound was a bit of a novelty, but then to hear it involved in most of the lush melodies gets a bit boring.

Im sure I am missing something. There are bits I like, but certainly not 80 mins worth of music.

Just because of the nature of the piece, I think it needs to be a large scale work, but as it stands it sounds like an 80min bombardment of mystical sound.

Yeah, well… you can also see what Gould thought about Schubert Sonatas 8)

Not one likes everything

True. I just feel like im missing out on something. I want to get more out of it.

the best thing to do is to read about it, and then listen to it with a completely open mind. i would say that this work is one of the most approchable modernist works, and it isnt even atonal, so it should be rather easy to absorb (relatively speaking) with a close listen and with a good recording.

for some reason i feel that being acquainted with messiaen’s organ music helps appreciate turangalila

yeah, that makes sense, for most of the better organ works come from around the same time as turangalila. theyre awesome works anyways, and more people (besides organists) should know them.