Apology to the Koreans

I have made some racist remark towards Koreans before, and those are simply for pizzing off Hotaik. And I think I flew off the handle for a bit.

I just want to take this oppurtunity to apologize to all the Koreans. Just because I have met several Koreans in my life, and they are all pricks and asshole, doesn’t mean all the Koreans are like that.
I believe most of them a very hard-working and beautiful people.

I am sincerely sorry about what I might have said that hurt or would hurt anyone’s feeling. For that I express my deeply remorse. :frowning:

(And yes, Hotaik u still are a motherfucking prick)

do you fuckin realize you haven’t given me a reason, you fuck?

haha, are you from n.korea or s.korea?

cause da north koreans deserve no RESPEC for lettin da pussy commie dictator push em around lik a bunch a little pissants

I think it’s da S.Korean i was referring to.

And Hotaik, it’s ur attidue.

haha, i am s. korean

well jeff, tell me more about it, I still think your hate is rather unjustified, and if i could change my attitude to suit you better, i would like to

i don’t want dissension in dasdc; after all, we iz all brothaz in peace :ziff: :lib: :doc: :comme: :rectum:

I guessed i came a little bit too strong about this issue
probably the side-effect of da Pimp Comp.

Let’s just put all these behind and forget about it.

In da name of da :rectum:

i dizagree, i believe north koreanz r generally juzt az good ppl az of any otha nation, juzt because a few politicianz r dick, dun mean dey r all dickz.

dats prolly tru :lib:

but dey do not have as many video gamez az da south koreans, n are derefere inferior, though good people nontheless 8)

hahahaha, pozzibly