archival TM - a MEPH1 vid from da Yard

Yard ROOM to be exact 8)
Hahaha fuck

Total time? 9:43 8)

7:20 in… not the most evocative interpretation I’ve heard, but iz gud! Well done!

ahhhh handling the leaps too. Rezpek!

Yeah damn, you can really play when you put your mind to it. You need to think a little more about the pp sections, but overall I thought this was great.


i vil rewatch when i iz home tonite :sunglasses:

Why wasn’t this submitted for the Liszt competition??? Needs more polish perhaps, but you’re nearly there.

this was so long ago dude, plus their rep requirements only want da fucking Years of Piligrimage selections, Liszt etude, chopin etude


also, submitting something you recorded off your phone, with only a CROTCH view… 8)

never mind, inztant pazz 8)

untru. I tried to evoke…

rape 8)

Oh, I didn’t see the date - I assumed it was a new recording.

hahaha, tru. 8)

I have a rather different style now. Hopefully moar refined…


Maaaan I wish zum OG could bring up zum records

There waz a decent mzn convo when yo 2011 perf wuz livestreamd :doc: