Archive feztin unleazh

Anothah clip found on an old memory card

Might as well go fo sum hyperbole in da titling :dong:

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Respect the old-timey-saloon inspired attire.

The focus is off, mofo. The chairs in the back are sharp and u iz blurry.

I didn’t video it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m more bothered by three or four misses in the pzzg immediately prior to da coda in the rh. It’s nasty writing at the given tempo tbf, but no compromises made.

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dis a legit result of da feztin FURY. not pozz to have dat rage in focus.



Pozzibly his thundering octz caused a mini-earthquake and da camera moved.

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:tractor: :princess: ztylee

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Same day unleazh. Deathfuck cummah.

DONGAH level uppah body movement but sadly no facialz.

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Still sub-Lola level of SWAYING

Rezpek! :sunglasses:

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Very sub-:lola: level of tanning

It occurs to moi dis LITERALLY TanHauzah




Da Poon/Vogler WISH they were that legendary.

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