Are there any good classical record or score shops in London or Manchester?





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A long time since I’ve done any shopping in a physical sense. Tower records in London Piccadilly was great but doesn’t exist any more afaik.

Chappell’s of (New) Bond St had a good sheet music section c.2000, but it’s now a Yamaha store and has moved. I’ve not been there since.

Jaques Samuels (Edgware Road) is an amazing 88 store but i doubt you’ll get to try out the good 88s for long unless they think you’re considering buying one. Their rehearsal rooms are incredibly cheap for London.

is it racist if I try to see if I can do an English accent without being found out? Hmmm. Gotta study ma Chitty chitty bang bang

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Hmm tried the accent with the passport lady I asked which queue. She didn’t seem impressed hmmm. Regret

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Tru u vil zoon realize

London n Mancheztah haf pretty much da zame accent


Where the Jason Statham style accents be? Everybody here sounds like they are mostly deaf but worked really hard on speech.

(Central) London is very cosmopolitan.

I think Manc accents are a lot duller than traditional London accents tbh.

Haha datz Mancheztah accent tru

Ztath = cockney - working clazz eazt London

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Millwall and West Ham are the real go to sides for that :grin:

Is marijuana legal here btw?

No, but widely used (obv) and the police will probably turn a blind, um, nostril.

Cool cool, def no reason. :cry:

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The record shops I used to go to have all closed down now, but I think these guys are still there - and they had a wicked selection of old scores and books. Used to spend hours in there back in the 90s… :nerd_face:

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That’s a 5 minute walk from where I’m staying.

If only were closer :us:

Classical Music Exchange in Notting Hill. Second Hand store but shite loads of zheeyat for 6 quid down to 20p.