Argerich and her pedals

Has anyone here seen Argerich live? (Potential stupid question, maybe??)

And if yes, what do people here think of her use of the pedal? Especially when she pedals on fast notes. Unusual, in my opinion, but very effective for the colour she produces.

i saw her Beethoven 1st, and other encores (like scarlatti and bach partita 2 last 2 mvts)

and yes, she did VERY special thing to the pedal, especially in the cadanza of the beethoven 1st, at those chromatic scales, she literally step on-and-off the pedal very very rapidly. (kinda like ABS system in car u know)

and she attained this very specially half-legato feeling of that scale without it being overally stuffed.

yes, argerich’s pedal is very much insane and overlooked. zhe could be quite zpectacular iv zhe wantz to be

many mofoz use pedals slightly when playing scales. tru, it sounds bettah, zmoothah pozz. don’t know if that’s a way of cheating. howevah, what really commandz rezpec iz da raw tech and an inztant classic example wud be da duch brotha vids. all 5 pcz iz available in dvdz. if any of u ever watched da sheeyat, u would notice how gensui his fast notes in da running passages iz and how amazingly freaking even they iz. no one could play scales and arpegz as even as da duch, tho his interp is abit sheeyat.


tru tiz da duch in a nuttschell. Great tech, bad interps.

And for everyone who dun know who da duch is he is da Duchable.

Yeah, I totally agree with you, kritt!

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Speed pedal orgy…

Thanks for the link- yeah, she flutter pedals a lot- but what’s wierd is that I don’t hear it make that much of a difference in her sound. She must have strong legs, because it’s tiring as hell to do for long periods of time, and she seems to do it constantly.