Arpz :orgy:, Bellini, Norma bits

Just got it within 1 min, social media bite size :clock1:

Sum close up action footage thanks to entahprizing behaviah from da camofo.

I’ll probably upload more of the take later (it’s got some impro on Bellini, as well as the last six or seven pages of dis parasheeyat): I had to cut it a bit to remove a passing bit of audience participation where some mofo decided a bit of random singing would enhance the experience :smiley:


The full clip minus the offending singing (you can hear the last remnants :stuck_out_tongue: )

Impro on a theme from La Sonnambula, bridging into the Jaell Norma.


Rezpec! Arps have always been your jam.


Hahaha fuckkkkk

Damn IC!
Did you ever play da full norma tranny?

Ok, I demand a 10-1 or TE 6 or 25-12 unleash, mofo!

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I have problems with the lh octz in da :pimp: Norma, which is the only reason I’ve never got round to finishing it.

Archive vid of da moizt B maj zect:
(a bit approximate, but a zero prax vid in the sense that I hadn’t looked at it for years when I did it during this pre-rectal rehearsal session.)

Might do a TE6 unleazh, I’ve looked at it before and I’m much more a :pimp: mofo den a :chop: one.

Wowow! Rezpec!!! Makes me want to play Norma again!

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Yeah, the :pimp: Norma is just great. The one I’m playing an extract from isn’t as good, and it’s clearly a compressed semiclone plus Casta diva… but still loads of fun.

The full thing, live, with score:


HAHAHA da cummentz zect on dat vid!

wut a load ov prokofievz :whale:

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Yeah, I feel they would be more at home on da :snail:'z channel!

HAHAHAHA i remembah da JAL NORMA

bazically ztrukchaed almoz exactly lyk da MOZEZ

ahahaha i ztreamed da 1min cut HAHAHA TRUUUU DIZ LEGENDARY

da PIMP wud haff HATED diz zong fo zhor :sunglasses:


Haha from wut little info I cud find da :pimp: wuz quite complimentary about dis mofo…

but alzo da pimp seemed to know hiz wyf bettah :pimp: :sunglasses: