Arrau a legendary child prodigy?

i lyk Arrazual’z Wild Jadg.

hiz rec made me luv tiz TE (alzo da firzt TE i luv)

tiz almozt 5 yrz ago


Arrau has some of the fullest sounding octaves and surest chords I’ve ever heard in that recording. In short, he works the 88 like an orch (this is why I don’t mind the slightly slower tempo at times).

well, gilels has da same sheeyat.


d’Arrau iz a mofo da meph randomly lykes


juzz leik andsnes deze days :whale:

Did Gilels rec da Complete PimpTEz?

There are a few recs of Gilels playing the 5th Paganini etude. That’s the only etude by Liszt the Gilels recorded.

n la campanella unless my sources suck

da CUDA (gilels) with La Campenlla…oh my god I have to find that…I didnt even know that Gilels did record it.

Here it is:

live paris 1954

i know it’s kindy harsh to upload juzza single piece on megaupload but twiz da only sheeyat dat worked today.

Yeah, randomly wasn’t thinking… There are a few recs of Gilels playing La Camp tru

I like Arrau, obviouzly.

I don’t think his TE’s are that bad, sometimes they are a bit sl*w, but they have something special in them, and not all of them are painfully slow. I really like how Arrau plays, I don’t know a whole lot about piano technique and shit, but I certainly know that I like how it sounds.

Tru, Arrau’s Etudes are heavy handed and cumbersome, but they are tastefully played, at least.