Arrau a legendary child prodigy?

From Wikipedia: “At the age of 11 he could play Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes, considered to be one of the most difficult sets of works ever written for the piano, and also Brahms’s Paganini Variations.”

This is certainly more impressive than Solomon playing Tchaik 1 at age 10 and Brahms 1 at age 11 or Sgouros playing Rach 3rd at 12. It’s so incredible that I’m not sure I believe it.

Anyone have corroborating evidence?

I believe it. I’ve also heard claims that he played pieces like Gnomenreigen at 7 as well.

Also, these very virtuosic early recordings would tend to substantiate those claims.

dont forget da orgy brotha 1zt at 7.

yeah, I still think this is more impressive.

I think it’s probably true, because not only was he freakishly talented by he practised like 13 hours a day. Btw, I thought solomon was 8 when he learnt tchaik 1.

I rezpec dat…but it duznt mean anything…I know one girl how learnt and perform that piece in concert when she was 6 (ok…I didnt hear that) and she is around 15 now but she isnt yet an accomplish piniat (as she was supposed to be)

Well, he played the first movement in concert, along with the Liszt Hungarian Fantasia, when he was about 8 or 9… but he didn’t play the whole Concerto for a few years after that. Though, I guess that doesn’t mean a whole lot - the 3rd mov is no harder than the first.

he started playing dem at age 11, and finished da perf at 70 :stop: 8)

Hahaha, this makes more sense :slight_smile:

off topic, maybe, but i heard that Joyce Hatto was pretty good as well :rudy:

i gotta say da arrau pimp TEs CD is terrible. i even prefer da bolet in this case.

Tru, I think Arrau’s TE’s have no fire, and at least for me, that’s what Liszt is all about.

Liszt is a helluvah lot more dan juzz fire, even though fiah iz extremely important.

I thought da mofo lingo for fire is fuuury :pimp: :laughing:

I dun comprehend why da Arrau play da zepp so Zl*W on rec if he could ply it at 11.

um because he was 70 fucking yrs old. Mazeppa aint exactly easy. And btw I love his zepp.

HAHAHA FUCKK BREW. I knew there was another person who loved his zepp.

PS: happy 20th! Randomly I have anotha 9 months of teenagernezz. :comme:

PPS: just noted u r actually 21.

P^3S: just noted u already have a berfday fred. :whale: :chop:

hahaha rezpec da jake

Randomly, I’m not poking fun at his set - there are several etudes in there that I LOVE, and all the other ones - slow as they may be - are special in their own way.

I give the set a hard time only to take away from all the people who say it’s the best set. I simply don’t think it’s the best set out there… though, to be honest… I haven’t heard a 10/10 set yet…