Arrau, Gavrilov, Ashkenazy, Rubinstein.......

Arrau => 32 Beethoven Sonatas
Gavrilov => Chopin Etudes
Ashkenazy => 10 Scriabin Sonatas
Pletnev = > Scriabin preludes op. 11 (all)
Rubinstein => Chopin waltzes, impromptus, bolero
Zacharias => Scarlatti Sonatas


On a ukrainian site …will post da link as soon as mah self has feenished with da downloading. don wan ne server mess.

only on weekends, ill do you fridey, k?

haahh da legendary

-da Meph



I definitely want tha Scarlatti and some of da Scrib too. Thanks for sharing. If you come back, that is. 8)


hahaha da scrib :comme:

okay fellas, i’m giving da link here. don’t kill the server though…it ain’t that fast either, just okay.
find your way from there, there’s an english version of da site too.

Great. I’d donate some ziffro, if I had some. Oh, actually, I will have after writing this post. If I make it even a bit longer I can donate even more and sheeeeyyyyaatttt. Yes, that is possible.

thats a lot of stuff