Arrogant Mussorgsky

Bezt rec ov Pix @ an exhibition???

N wut otha workz by him are rep worthy?

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random otha work, a bit wikid!

This perf and melody haunts the fuck out of me

He has a lot of great songs. The sunless cycle def stare out a window at night with wine shit - whilst making emo faces

This what I imagine all russians sound like when they sing, man or woman.

I think the thread needz dis :smiley:



And this!!

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Note how da tone does not even project well. Properly balanced textures always trump actual “volume”


She’s bonkers :sunglasses:

she did that in a church

respek :sunglasses:


Hahaha da :tractor: :princess: relentlezz banging…

and then there’s wut she does at da 88 :stuck_out_tongue:

Woh… I should snag the 47 ho pictures discs. I wonder if they actually sound OK.

Nah, don’t bother. Not a fan of his additions, plus there are other live versions of his that are somewhat better than his 1947 studio

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The live version from 1951 is a sentimental favorite.

But the best version I ever heard is Babayan.

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I wonder why he added stuff to the mussorgsky. That one dun make too much sense. Maybe some bass fill here and there in the sparser areas would do.

What he did with Bydlo is perfect, though, along with the bell tolls in Great Gate.