Ashish Xiangyi Kumar

That’s too bad, maybe you should include him in your recital series.

Honestly I never understood the appeal of this guy’s channel. Maybe I’m missing something but he’s just taking commercial recordings and adding the score.

It’s good picks though, and he writes well to go with them.

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ok I might be under / over estimating people if they read liner notes. I like that he brings attention to recordings, there’s still too much out there. Also helps you filter things out – just listening to the Bahrami Bach 1052, sounds brutal.

Really? On what planet are you living on?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Seriously it’s a nice channel if you like piano videos being presented this way. But for me, the picks are often far from memorable (with the exception of Moravec). The accompanying writing is good when it comes to analysis, but when it comes to praising or characterizing performances, I often disagree with the guy. It’s all quite subjective anyway.

Howevah the most important flaw for me is: no source about the edition that is being used. If I want to read the notes while listening (which is quite rare), I want to decide myself from what edition. :nerd_face:


Wut, tiz removed

He reuploaded on hiz own channel


Cool, he’s doing live premiers now. Ill try to spot u mofos in da chat haha