Ashish Xiangyi Kumar

Officially the best YouTube channel on the planet


In particular check out his Beethoven Sonata series which exposed me to MANY incredible recordings I’d never even considered to check out.

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Wasn’t this the guy begging da X to not post a certain rec on youtube but to send it to him personally? Lol fuck him.

Wut da fuck happened? :sunglasses:

Blizzfully unaware ov any ov diz sheeyat

Haha, no that was someone else.

I rarely surf for music on youtube, but as far as I have a favourite this would be my pick too. Good selections, and I often think he’s spot on with his comments too. The big mystery to me however is how he’s managed to post all these commercial recordings without takedowns or often even monetizations.


And yet I struggle to get sheeyat I recorded myself unblocked. :thinking:

The most GENSUI revelation was JENO JANDO’s Moonlight finale which is apparently the best ever. :sunglasses:


I like it, it’s a nice, musical version. Well structured, clean, controlled, everything in balance.

Az we zpeak…NU VID CUMMAH!

Randomly, I don’t know what to make of da Lugy. I’ve seen him live several times, and each time I kind of enjoy it but I never feel like listening to him again.

Ah, and Chiu!

I think he feels a bit mismatched in these sonatas, but try his Chopin Etudes this youtuber have also uploaded. I haven’t had that much fun with them since… well I’ve never had that much fun with them. Op.10#10 is pure gensui!

Da LUGY haf generally a wikid ztandard but tru no unique gensui dat make him ztand out


I thought it wuz a ZCHOLAH analysis channel :sunglasses:

My favorite for da 3rd movement is randomly Remi Geniet, heard it?

N da hAshish, god bless him and his wonderful channel.

Moonlight? no

But diz ASHISH mofo also a gensui commentary mofo, better than 99% of liner notes out there.

No, I haven’t. He’s a pianist I’m interesting in though. I haven’t had a chance to hear him live yet.

Attended solo and chamber masterclasses where he played some years ago, when he was lyke 17, very talented and likeable guy.

Yeah he seems like it in the few interviews I’ve seen. He’s been kind of forgotten because of all the hype surrounding Debargue. And actually Shereshevskaya has another student I really like, Maroussia Gentet. She plays a lot of modern rep too.