Aspiring pianist AND breakdancer … 907.0.html


haha pozz 8)

tho i recommend u check out da ROBBAH zoulful jamz :doc:

a real fine pianist would never risk in BreakDance…
just like very few (nearly none) of them are bodybuilder.
(Tzimon Barto? Oh please…forget 'bout that Giant…)


psh - which stands for???

please S… H… ?

Your wrong. Tough hands and fingers are less likely to break in a freak octave or glissando accidents.

moi - breakdancer + pianist

video proof 8)

check his youtube account, he hath mad skillz 8)

link? :doc:

haha dayum those vidz is way too old 8). i quit breakin a while ago but i did both at the same time for about 4 years

that’s the most random thread that i’ve seen in a long time