At what TIME OF DAY do you get your best practice done?

:stop: I’m very interested in circadian rhythms and how they effect our mental and physical performance.

Personally ; I feel more mental focus earlier in the day, and yet feel more physical capabilities later in the day.

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When I was at music school I used to practise all night, because I’ve had insomnia since I was 17. I was inconsiderate bastard and you could hear me playing from across the street at 3 am. 8)

I used to do my serious practice between 6 and 9 in the morning, and then a couple of hours after lunch. Happy days.

My insomnia now means I’m not mentally up for practicing between 6 and 9 as that’s my zombie period, so I’m much more sporadic and do inconsistent bits during the day. I still find after lunch a pretty decent period though.

Morning 10-1:30, after which it is time to rest n harass chicks online

I wish I could play like you on that little practice. I needed 4 hours just to stay in current form, 6+ to actually improve. :zhreddah:

Dude, I always practiced very little.
That said, for this pimp comp I’m doing 3 hours morning plus 2 more in the evening, but never past 8pm…

The most important thing is rotating the rep every day of the week and maintain, constantly rework everything.

I’ve neglected the pimp 1 + tot combo and will start longer prax sessions next week.

Also, keeping your concentration for around 5 hours a day is hard

Da phone is often RIGHT THERE, n u know u juz wanna check yo texts n take random half nude vids 8)

Da zepp uzually prax aftah midnight on da zilent drum-track digi

Zo dat in da mornin

when I unleazh da zheeyat I learnt da nite b4 on da zepp 88

Da actual zound of da zong wud cummah az a zhock n inzpire even mo fury from da zepp 8)

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HAHAHA DA LATE NIGHT UNLEASH a :ho: approved prax ztyle!

Didn’t da HO wake at 3 pm? :sunglasses:

I’m sure when da Ho unleashed 20 solo rectals, all with different rep, in 5 months - hiz azz woke up at 6am, mofo :sunglasses:

TRU :sunglasses: I meant da old chilled HO not da young gensui

Haha tru.
I wish da Ho maintained dat huge of a rep during da RECS era

Morningz from about 10:00-13:00, then aftah lunch if there iz time and moi iz not occupied with teaching or other sheeyat…

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I have significantly upped my prax tym dis summah. Building even a small amount of NEW rep is a major pain in da ass

Now I usually do 5 hours a day, 3 in da morning, 2 in da afternoon.

Also random summer jobs (few in numbah) and composition.

hardest part if making up creative excuses fo da :hui: as to why I cannot spend those early 3 hours of da morning on da phone wiz her.


I can only ever practice Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon. Maybe a half hour before concentration breaks and I start going backward. Then I listen to tunes with what is left of focus. That’s when I get max enjoyment. Really appreciate work in even lame perfs.


I nearly always only get to play or practice in the evenings, and even then, not very often; 2 or 3 proper sessions (anything above 1 hour) a week would be a very good week. That will always be on my Avantgrand (the problem of living in a Georgian terraced house!). Sometimes I’ll come home in the afternoon and play on my acoustic for enjoyment, but that only happens extremely rarely.

In the weeks before a concert or recording session, I’ll try to do a little more, but how much I can do depends on what’s going on in the day job. I have to be careful, though – if I were to jump straight in to 5+ hour sessions of physically demanding repertoire, I’d probably end up injuring myself.


I have a pretty erratic work schedule, so I prefer late evenings when I know for sure that I’m not needed by somebody… My creative mind kicks in the most at around 11pm-2am, but I’m usually playing for random people during the day.

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While I’m sleeping.

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Yep. And that’s a curse!


5am (with coffee). Unfortunately I rarely get up to do this :whale: but when I do, it supercharges my brain for the rest of the day.

edit: oh ya, and I can only do this with headphones on the digi Yamaha cause of pesky family…