Audite will release the third and last volume of Bolet's RIAS recordings in Jan 2019

Details see:

Unfortunately this will be the last volume


And it seems this is his only recording of Beethoven’s Emperor concerto

Well, studio at least. There are several live broadcasts as well.

Without having checked btw I think this set concludes his RIAS recs, ie there wouldn’t be material for a 4th vol. Although there’s still quite a lot from other German radio studios they could have continued with.

Right. The back cover says this is the last volume of the whole series.

I hope his numerous Dutch broadcasts can be released in full one day…

Hehe, I hate to come across as a besserwisser for the 3rd time in a row but there’s no need really. The dutch radio has an open archive, and whatever you want from them you can buy directly from them by sending them an e-mail. Know what you mean though… Arnhem 75 is possibly my favourite JB recital.

I did not know that. Is there a link and do they have a catalog of broadcasts that one can request?

Yes, it’s an online archive you can search through yourself (though they’re still adding things, not all of their holdings are digitally catalogued). I used to have the link bookmarked but seems I don’t anymore. But -> google.

Sorry, is there a hint of what keywords I should use in google? I have no idea of any dutch radio stations…

I can’t immediately find it either. It wasn’t tied to a radio station I think, rather a national sound & video archive or similar. I remember the url was a 8 letter or so long dutch word.

Once you guys find out, let me know please.

Ah, here it is:

Though it looks completely different now from last I accessed it. It actually has a 21st C GUI now.

dank u wel mofo

duu ik hoertzliche wilkoummen

I did some search on this site but it seems none of the Bolet recitals can be purchased. Not sure whether you need to have a Dutch IP address. When you go to those individual pages of single concerts, the blue order button never shows up…

Yeah if you figure out how to buy from this place, let me know please.

It’s not a store like that, you have to e-mail them and tell them what you’re interested in

I see… Will give it a try. Thanks!

I already know someone who has all this stuff so I’m not paying for sheeyat :rocky: