Autechre - Live Bootleg

juz holy sheeyat

this is amazing

Recorded May 18, 2001 in Oakland.

holy fuck, respec!!

respect!! i’m actually gonna see them live in 2 weeks 8)

dayyuuummm…i am jealous…ofcourse theyve been to vancouver acouple of times, but only when I had no clue they existed

is that the bloc weekend sheeyat you’re going to?

\how iz da zound quality on diz bootleg?

nah not the bloc weekend, they’re just playing in brussels

but there’s a big chance i’m not going, my brother randomly has to work that weekend, so there goes my sleeping spot :angry:

WOW FUCK you guys are into autechre? man i love them so much. i saw them live in London last year (i think). their set was so orgasmic, i was screaming. i literally had to scream coz i couldnt take it, it was so amazing. i had no alcohol either. if i see someone live like aphex twin, squarepusher or autechre, the alcohol just ruins it all.

damn, the file has expired. any chance for a re-up?

betta yet, just go here:

Has this one plus many more.