Awesome Lesser Played Etudes

It’s my favourite kind of writing - pianistic to the extreme.

Everything is written in patterns that work for the hand, but take complexity to the peak of tonal potential. Rather proto-Godowskian.




I really love the Debussy etudes. They should be played more. And then there are the Ligeti Etudes which are played quite often luckily.

I also love the Liapunov Etudes, they should really be played more often. Busoni also has some cool ones.

Yeah and also Bartok … and Messiaen!

Haha, I’ve seen the Mereaux before but it’s still epically amusing, particularly from 0.50.


diz mofo iz da TRU EXTREME-MOFO of da tube 88-world


da zepp azlo lyk diz zemi-rare et :sunglasses:


Rezpek da zepppppppppppreux!

How to play a Czerny etude?

Let’s speed it up:

Let’s add some more furry:

LOL!! Look what I found. He plays good music too apparently:


Hahaha FUCK this piece is incredible actually, early Alkan at his best

Hahahaha yes we can close this thread now as far as I’m concerned.

It’s really the most absurd piece of music I know, god would I have loved to see the faces of the audience when he premiered this. :smiley:

Thing is that the theme is actually really valiant, there would be no problem at all making that sound good. Not sure about the opening and that octave flurry at the end though. :joy:

ahahahah diz bazically a tribute to da BABARO MOFO REFERENCE VID PERF tru

derez a cg zl*w-mofo in da BABARO vid zayin hiz coda unleazh iz zped-up, if u check da cummentz u vil c da zepp inztantly cummah to da defenze of da BABARO :sunglasses:

ahahahaha if da zepp play diz zong in public, he vil cut da uzelezz alt chordz mid-zect, den tiz vil be a LEAN n MEAN coldfart lengthed SDC clazzic :sunglasses:

Da alt chord mid zect iz bazically SD moizt n make da endurance factah ov da whole sheeyat even mo legendary

ahahahah da SD moizt

actually datz a gud zpot to tezt out da zeppz ZIDEWAYZ zpazz-chord tech :sunglasses:

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Yes god I love Alkan! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Liszt and Chopin might have written better music but there was only one :sunglasses: in the city.

Randomly that this piece was written by Chopin’s neighbor is somehow even more hilarious

tru da gensui noize level of diz neighbahood :sunglasses: