Awesome Lesser Played Etudes

Chopin are most common, then Liszt, then Rach…then some Scriabin and even Alkan now etc but there are loads in the repertoire than need more recognition.

Any more obscure ones?

I absolutely love the Liapunov set.

Bortkiewicz op 15.

True, Lyapunov etudes are great. I’m less familiar with the others except for the Henselt Si oiseau j’étais and the SS valse and egyptien.

Also in particular, being fans of lesser known repertoire - I’m curious not only about cool pieces that we have a fondness for but also which particular etudes could actually sneak their way into more mainstream repertoire?

Of the Lyapunov set I’d say no6 has the greatest potential.

Incidentally, I think Lyapunov is buried somewhere in Paris. I should go visit his grave at some point.

I’d say Legzhinka

It’s up there with the best, but I feel it occupies a similar soundspace to Islamey so I’m mindful of it being squeezed aside by association.

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Yes, perhaps no 6. 12 is great fun, but possibly too long.

Here’s someone sneaking no 2 onto a concert programme :slight_smile: GREAT performance.

And me getting no 5 into a public recital :wink: dunno why I have a pageturner :joy:

It’s actually my favourite of all of the etudes and I think it would go well alongside some Debussy or Ravel, for example.

Just on my way out, but something which came up when seeing the thread title is that Liszt said he and Chopin were very fond of a set of Etudes by one Henri Bertini in the 1830s. I did acquire the score for them (in like 2001), but I actually still don’t think I’ve played them through.

Otherwise I’m with festin - more Liapunov, Henselt and Alkan for the people!

Ah, the de Schlözer thingy too, and some Moszkowski, but maybe primarily as encore trifles.

The Earl Wild Gershwin etudes are great fun, and I could see them going down really well in concert given the right pianist.

And of course the some Kapustin etudes have become popular.

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Tbh I don’t think that the Henselt etudes are quite on the same level as the Alkan or Liapunov. The virtual neglect of the Liapunov set is quite inexplicable to me, other than that Liszt was sort of there first.

No they’re not, but Si oiseau is certainly worthy of being a common encore piece, and several of the others are at least good enough to be programmed every now and then. I feel the same with many works by Dussek, Czerny, Wölfl, Thalberg etc - no they’re not comparable to Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt etc, but the best of it isn’t that far behind, and certainly not to be so completely neglected as it is now. Composers are like some exclusive dining club or something - you’re either in, or you’re out. And if you’re out it doesn’t matter what you’ve written.

Ah, the Prokofiev set :approved:

What about this one?


I think he only wrote this to show how good the other one is. :sunglasses:

The other one is great, this one has very interesting writing pianistically, shame it’s not as great music.

It’s the first time I hear it, but it sounds rather salony.

Yes they’re tremendously complex - precisely the reason I don’t believe in the Moszkowski card game story.