Bach-Buz choral unleazh

Hiss provided by da fuckin AC


HAHA Rezpec!

Da word UNLEAZH a bit CG fo diz piece :ho: but actually u can hear da reztrained FURY BRUin beneath da zurface tru


Randomly da BAZZ touch, n release of da accompaniment notes after striking - yet leaving on da pedal - makes a huge difference

I’d like to try dese various tone approaches on a gud Steinway D tho
Da small yamaha still clangy n da hammers is too hard


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It shouldn’t but it does.
A note held with the finger AND with pedal, sounds less resonant than a note released by the finger yet kept on da pedal.

Nice. I was confused at first, because I thought the keyboard was on the left, not the right…

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tiz evident diz interp can only be improved upon wiz HO BAZZ random inzertionz :sunglasses:

alzo tiz a bit zurprizin diz zong can actually zound DIZ GUD

becuz to da zepp ear

da bach-buz compo duo

iz equivalent in quality to da

fakerudy-redneck doc 88 duo :sunglasses:


Daim Trumofo diz zounds good and your tone is indeed restrained, the bass in particular sounds very appropriate and reserved. I liked the bazz at 1:39, was that intentional (I don’t have the score in front of me)?

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Truuu, gud ear. Dat is in da Buz score, a filled in bazz chord, but not in da Bach original organ prelude

Da BUZ knew dat generating sum thick azz organ sonorities on da 88 is not a literal reproduction of da exact notes dat da organ unleashes

Dat said, a few of da Busoni bass addition create sum decidedly new sonorities.


Da TM dun play da LH in da last chord because of da 7-6 motion in da RH - da Db clashes wiz da LH C dat da BUZ filled in.

I also dun play an oct doubling in da second-to-last chord

Dat minor-second in dat register dun sound pleasant, and it is from da BUZ oct addition dere

Likewise, da added oct accentuates a few unpleasant sonorities, I prefer not to repeat da extra LH oct (repeated tone motive) because it over-emphasize da tritone, moreso den da original:

Da 5-6 motion in da RH juz dun need da extra LH 5th dat buz added, it clashes wiz da Db anyway (second-to-last chord)

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Daim rezpec your informed choices tru

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hahaha daim, randomly, da TM Yamaha need a new set of hammersbut diz gonna cost more den a brand new 88.

diz pretty huge 6 foot 88 in a small room, pluz da well-worn cardcock hammers, diz 88 juz play itself.
da TM prefer to prax on duller 88z wiz heavy keyboards, randomly.

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It’s beautiful but a bit static for my taste. If you play it a tad faster you get more the Andante-flowing feeling. Like da Grain

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Tru, dat is a gud tempo.

Da classic Ho rec also at dat fastah pace

Altho… My favorite version is still da slowah den usual Fischer rec:

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hahahaha da BACH-BUZ chorale mofo ztyleez

bazically dey all zound lyk

well-behaved PIMP NOCTZ tru? :sunglasses:

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Haha da Bach harmony a forward-looking zheeyat tru

Da :hui: thought diz wuz da Pimp Weinen Klagen Zorgen Zagen prelude, rezpek her fo knowing da :tm: rep but…

Dayum :dong:

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Haha izn dat da laz zheeyat da HO eva recd? Commonly miztakenly zaid tiz da liebeztod

Tru, dat pimp prel also whut da Ho zit down to play right before he died