bach/godowsky violin fugue & kapustin prelude9

Bach/Godowsky: Fugue from Violin Sonata no1

Kapustin: Prelude op53 no9 in E major

Both of these aren’t very perfect; bashings are welcome :wink:

cool, I’ll check it. Btw do you like Fiorentino’s transcription of BWV 1001?

I’ve never heard it nor heard of it, do you have recordings or sheets?

I trying to find out if sheets exist atm, failing that I might try and corral a bunch of us here into doing it :dong:

Very subtle, I like it lots - especially the fugue. Heh.

I transcribed half the presto tonight, hopefully will finish it tomorrow. Anyone wanna help with the other movts?

fugue :slight_smile:

@coqdorysme: Haha the Bach/Godowsky is exciting stuff, man. It’s obviously not perfect (and a bit stressful/manic in a few places), but it’s an impressive performance at an ambitious tempo (you play it faster than Scherbakov, after all). Keep it up.

ya man that fugue… amazing… :doc:

anyone got the sheets for that bach / godowsky fugue ? I rly like the sound of it. 8)

or not :frowning:

ahahaha daim tha denied grim :kan:

tru :comme:

tru i vil u/l thiz fo u

tru tiz tha 2nd mvt.

Here’s the link to your file: … NjljR0E9PQ

massive respec rob :doc: :stop: