Bach prelude 2 WTC 1, presto section!!!!

AGHHHH!!! ITS KILLING ME!!! I cant get it up to speed both hands together without getting the hands out of synch…AGHHH!!!


u muz zeek tha shreddah :stop:

its all in da forearm rotation in dat prelude…tru

ummmm…ok…I CAN play it up to speed, in both hands, separate ofcourse, but when I put it together I cannot make it in synch…

my ? here is not how to play it fast, but how to maintain the hands playing together…how to practice it?

likly dey are not both up to speed but they feel dey are, one is a bit sl*wer or not developed as much, den you put them together and it showz. If not always think about rubbin yo belly ad tappin you stomach to get the hands functioning independently. Or play one hand and succesively add notes in da other, I rememebr feeling da exact same thing playin dat prelude, wuz a bitch keeping the hands synched fo some reason.

Jeno Jando suprisingly haff a pretty good recording

yea, I listen to some previews at amazon (can someone upload it?) of richter or other guys playing it, and I am complewtely at a loss of how fast they play that part…wtf…

da firebird rules this rec.

diz wtc #2 iz tricky. when u first play it, it’s not challenging, but after a while, it’s getting harder.

diz iz da essence of Bach’s 88 compo. da more u practice, the harder it will be – da reversal effect.

use metronome and practice slowly is my only advise.

be careful on bar 15th.

hahaha da zepp vil azk da queztion datz on every mofoz mind:

y da fuck do u want to play diz? 8)

and I ask my own ?..

who da fuck WOULD NOT wanna play bach???

to maztah da happy farmah, diz zheeyat iz ezzential to learn u mofo.


u iz juzt too sl*w