I’m trying to learn the whole book, since I have absolutely no knowledge of these… Here’s my first one, the C sharp major:

I’m learning these without the help of a teacher - I have not had a teacher since late 2009 - and my technique’s not the best around, so I would like as many comments and critiques from everyone as possible! Please help 8)

I learned this prelude and fugue back in the day. Prelude is good. Fugue: Aside from the rushing, I guess the only helpful thing I could say is that it would benefit from a bit more non-legato in places, especially in the left hand where I feel some things get lost. I gotta say, people who haven’t played this fugue don’t appreciate how HARD it is. All in all – admirable job!

at 00:58 there’s a B natural sounding somewhere in your left hand maybe?

if it’s not a mistake of the moment check it because it’s a B sharp I think. (Dominant)

Oooooh. That’s a misreading. Thanks!

2nd instalment:

Did you get into RAM or RCM?

Both sent offers; I chose RAM.

Bah! betrayer! :smiley: Who you studying with? Chris?

I put down Hamish Milne and Martineau (since I do so much accompanying), but I had a lesson with Chris while I was there in December last year and he’s a great teacher!

My old piano teacher keeps trying to pressure me into going for RCM… Is there a difference?

Personal preference really. College is probably a little less consumed with politics (not much, but a little…) but obviously the teacher you want is priority.

What politics? I have no knowledge of what goes on, and I really wanted to study with Hough anyway, but he recommended Milne and Elton when I spoke to him in Singapore. I do have an excellent impression of both places; I chose RAM because I heard it tends to give more in financial aid, and I do come from a pretty poor family…

good playing!

in the Eflat minor… Don’t let the LH influence on the RH in terms of phrasing. Try to make a more interesting line in the RH avoiding to have always heavyness in the first beat. It’s a pretty hard prelude because the left hand it’s so strong on the rhythm. You can soften it by playing more with the different harmonies (it could also in general be softer IMO). But there are some good stuffs there. Keep the good work!!

Major respect for learning the entire WTK. I can never be assed to do more p&f’s, I’ve only done like 3 or 4 in my entire life :blush:

i’ll start a new one tomorrow, together with that Kapustin etude I want to learn :p. Both inspired by coq, tru.

RAM do tend to give more scholarships but they are more expensive…But anyway, soak up London and it’ll be good!

London eh? We should grab a few pints some time! Are you there for undergrad or postgrad study?

Undergrad! I am not really sure what to expect at all, can somebody enlighten me?

(on topic: will record G major p&f tomorrow!)

congratulations on getting accepted to such good schools!

3rd part up:

Anyone have a suggestion for my next fast fugue? I’m working on the F minor this week, and want a fast one after that.

hahaha respec ur fingah tech…

Do the other G major. The fugue is pretty fun and be very brillant. Otherwise E minor 1st book? or… C major book 2 which is kinda overplayed

I would like to, but I want to concentrate on the 1st book right now… will probably leave the 2nd volume for when I start class, if at all. 24 is a LOT and the b minor is so darn daunting.

E minor first book it is then!