Ballade 3 coda

I finally feel like a “good” amateur-level perf is within striking distance… just a bit more polishing.

Mistakes aside, is it exciting enough? I think some more rubato and dynamic contrasts could be in order but don’t want to go too over the top.


Will listen when I get up in the morning!

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Nice username :sunglasses:

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Nice interp!

diz iz a bit lyk da inverze ov mozt ChopComp cunteztantz…

Dey haf mo :poland: izhed tech but lack yo zpirit n interp

I actually wud zay da bezt zingle thing I cud advize to improve it iz juz to work on improvin yo finga dexterity n control via a daily routine ov finger exercizez/etudez etc.

Da crozz ova from dat wud improve da realization ov yo interpz on ALL piecez

da idea dat u can work on tech in juzt da piecez u play iz zimply zheeyat n only workz for mofoz hu haf aleady eztablizhed a concert level tech

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It’s in good shape dude.
Take a look at the score around 0:56, make sure you clean up those misreadings, double check all accidentals

It’s all pretty much learnt well. In my opinion, to really start working on taking it to the next “level”, you need to start practicing on an acoustic 88, any spinet or upright will do… but the “parameter” of tone production is very different on any acoustic, plus the action will respond much differently than yo digi

Rezpek, dude!

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I liked yo pedaling…clear and not overused, and taken off at da right spots. I need to work on this skill myself. Nice interp!

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On the acoustic thing public performance spaces sometimes cool to check out if buy a peno dun make sense. I found a place that is like 10 buck for two hours with a thrashed but cool looking steinway.

also enough space to practice my dance routines

gotta factor in travel tym/expense tho