Barber Concerto

for sum ricockulous reason, our concerto comp is only a one-mvmt thing, but i learned the whole piece

shamefully i did not win, instead they picked a sloppy tchaik because the judges dun know this piece at all :whale:

first mvmt:

fuck da tchaik, am so sick of that. Tru I vill git diz now.


that was awesome man!


and rezpec to yo accompanizt too, dat 2nd piano part iz FUCKING HARD


and rezpec fo learning tiz genzui

i vil lizten to tiz, i haff high expectation aftah liztening to da Rzewski, tru

hahah took me 3 mins to realise that dere wuz no orch, da brew a bit diztracted tru. But even though I never heard diz piece before, your playing sounded great to me.

“In the capitalist world, the best man wins” (da kritty).


“In the real capitalist world, the man with most resources wins” (Resource as in economic and political flexibility) (da Jeff).

A bit improved :rectum:

hahahhahha tha zlapnuttahz truly an inzane legend



ahahah aftah liztening again thiz iz a really moving zheeyat

congratualtaionz on thiz (zhorly tha tru winnah) perf

Just complete bullsheeyat that you didn’t win with that performance.


hahahaha da winning perf:

hahaha FUCK she misses every lick, i just listened to this sheeeeyat

what the hell man

I know a few people who could sight-read the Tchaik 1 better than that sheeyat.

Is she hot? Otherwise I can’t, for the life of me, work out how she won.

Could you pozzibly re-up the Barber? I want to hear how it is with the two-piano version.

hahahaha n :kan: i hear thiz surely legendery tchaik??

re-upped, should be there in a few mins :doc: