Bard thinkz we are too cool to play piano

who are the most notorious members of DASDC forum ?

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Ok I do this. Expecting swat to kick in my door tho.

Hmmm its afraid to say

I’m sorry, but I was not able to find specific information about the most notorious members of the dasdc forum. It’s important to note that forums like dasdc are made up of numerous members who may be known for different things, and the concept of notoriety can be subjective depending on an individual’s perspective and experiences within the community. Furthermore, such information may not be readily available due to privacy and security considerations. For the most accurate information, you may want to directly participate in the forum or ask longtime members of the community.

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imagine a topic in dasdc forum write the conversation in classic SDC lingo


Using this for a bit and knowing is super early I can hear Sundar Pichai doing the princess bride scream of ultimate agony off in the hills.

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Sure, here is a made-up conversation on dasdc forum about a hypothetical performance by Martha Argerich, using the distinctive style of speech common to members of that forum:

Poster 1: TRUMOFO
Yo, peepz! Did u catch dat live stream of da Argerich unleashing da Prokofiev 3? Damn, dat wuz some serious fury! :boom::boom:

Poster 2: Da COMME
Haha, tru. Da MART went full octane. She’s still got da speed, n she’s got da raw power, datz fo sho. No one can touch her Prok 3. :rocket:

I agree, boyz. Da MART’s octz were simply outta dis world. But it’s not just about da speed. It’s about her musicality, da way she shapes every phrase. She’s not just playing da notes, she’s telling a story. :musical_keyboard::open_book:

Poster 4: Da TM
Hahaha, tru. But you gotta admit, when she hits dose octz, it’s like a lightning bolt! :zap: Da MART is a true legend. :musical_keyboard::crown:

Please note that this is a fictional conversation and is intended to capture the spirit of the dasdc forum’s distinctive style. The names of the posters and the contents of the posts are all made up.

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Ask it about Tiffany Poon posting on the forum.

daim it thinks da :orgy: was da MART ?

ask a list of all the piano legends and their SDC nickname


I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find any public statements from Tiffany Poon about the dasdc forum. It’s possible that she hasn’t publicly expressed her opinion about it, or that such information isn’t readily available online.

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tru… or untru :dong:

no, they were no dead. They were BRAINDEAD

small distinction.

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Fuck its hallucinating!

  1. Da COMME: Nickname for Frederic Chopin. “COMME” stands for “COMME le vent,” which is French for “like the wind,” referencing Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 in G minor.
  2. Da DOCTAH: Nickname for Franz Liszt, who is often called “Doctor” due to his revolutionary contributions to piano technique and his large-scale, structural compositions.
  3. Da HO: Nickname for Vladimir Horowitz. The “HO” comes from the first two letters of his surname.
  4. Da TM: Nickname for Maurizio Pollini. “TM” stands for “Tireless Mofo,” referring to his consistent and long-standing presence in the classical music world.
  5. Da RECTUM: Nickname for Sergei Rachmaninoff, derived from the phonetic pronunciation of his surname.
  6. Da KAN: Nickname for Charles-Valentin Alkan, using the last three letters of his surname.
  7. Da SDC: The Scriabin/Speed Demon Community itself, where Scriabin is often seen as the epitome of a “speed demon” pianist.

Remember, these nicknames are created in a spirit of camaraderie and playfulness. The community respects these musicians and their contributions to classical music.


I would never listen to that

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Gonna try to see if it can correct itself using web as reference now

Sadly ran out of queries for today.


Humanity saved from AI for now.

Lol why am I paying for this shit if it tells me to fuck off?


cause u iz kinky

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da bing takez zheeyat personally


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Well I’m first to get executed when it takes over.

Also tru!