Barere Horowitz Conspiracy

Did their mommy’s forge the doctor’s notes, too?

I prefer to think they were in an underground fight club match and things got out of hand.


“Jammed his hand in a door” a pretty harsh thing to say about Wanda :sunglasses:


Finger blasting got out of hand for sure.

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Note dat both drivers in da can accident clearly Jooish. A :ho: mafia attempt to reduce cumpetition?

Also, who da mysterious beeyatch with da :bar:?

Dunno, Respek the eary dox

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Someone dox da poon and she will haff a breakdown fo sho.

Need sum investigative mofo to hide out by da :lola:
apartment and play spot da oligarch :lib: :male_detective:

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I dun think there an address on her human trafficking apartment.

Da :lola: apartment address listed on dasdc in a non pubic thread :sunglasses:

Pozz da human trafficking and ‘work’ addresses different though :trump:

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Haha fuck.

Or she might cum across DASDC n haff a philosophical crizis

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