Beecham - Carmen

went out looking for the gilels brilliant box, couldn’t find it and bought this instead. It’s very good and the pronunciation is actually understandable! (I dloaded a random Karajan rec where I couldn’t understand a word Carmen said)


Carmen - Victoria de los Angeles
Don Jose - Nicolai Gedda
Mikaela - Janine Micheau
Escamillo - Ernest Blanc

randomly another Carmen sung by a Soprano. But I still like it.

RESPECT! I’ve heard it on the radio and this is probably my favorite Carmen!

Respect ! I’ve always loved Beecham and I love Carmen lately, so I’ll definitely check this out.

My favourite Carmen, still, is Kleiber’s.

the video? I saw some of it on youtube. Given how ugly most opera singers are, Carmen is better heard and the rest left to the imagination!

Yeah, I forgot Kleiber… Actually, I have to admit that I’ve never listened his Carmen! :blush: Have to added it to my mp4 player with all Gilels I’m listening lately…