Beethoven Eroica: Furtwangler VPO 1944

Hi all, this is my first upload on da SDC. I am a newcomer piano enthusiast who was introduced to this site by da tony. idk how many people even post on this forum anymore but I’m just going to upload this rec just in case. It is a legendary rec, IMO the best Eroica on disc, better than Bernstein, Karajan, Szell and Klemperer. This is from the Melodiya 16 CD boxset. Even though it is a 1944 recording the sound is actually surprisingly good, the only bad thing about is the trumpets which are extremely shrill but you get used to it.

I have actually ordered a Tahra SACD of the same performance here: … PDKIKX0DER

If anybody has it please tell me if there is any difference in the sound. 8)

Link (mp3 -v2):

P.S. Randomly does anyone still have da John Rusnak’s legendary chopets? I’ve been dying to hear this sheeyat.


Respec 8)