Berezovsky July 17

The guy’s insane:
festivalradiofrancemontpelli … illet.html
We HAVE to record this! I will be away, but I’m sure someone else will record it.

Not to mention his Rach 2/3 combo a week later…

Jesus. I sure hope someone caps this. I haven’t heard a Night Wind from him in a few years now.

Night Wind + TEs = pure wtf insanity

vill da mart prevail ? 8)

Shame it’s a week before La Roque… it’s within driving distance.
He’s also playing the nightwind here: … x?id=10710
and here: … cle_id=162
I have no idea what the second festival is…

And if you’re interested, I started making a website, as I find it annoying that there are no sites with complete concert listings. Here is the Concert Diary page so far. I think I’ve found most of his concerts, but it seems a rather empty diary!

Best thing to do is email his agent. Sometimes they take a while to respond, but I have had detailed concert schedules for a few pianists in the past by requesting from agents

haha predicktably zum hazardous :whale: betz on World Cup :rob: zhuld lead to a buzy upcommin zeazon to pay debtz :canadain: 8)

I’ll go to tha pleyel tho dey dun really lyk da camz dere

Hilariouzly laz tym, da mart filmed a whole fuckin concert (random trioz with whale)
Durin da final applauze a chick in da audience pull out a cam from her bag, immediately an angry pleyel employee ziztah came n told her to ztop (twuz juz a fuckin ztill camera wiz no flazh )
da mart had been filmin wiz a fuckin hd cam for hourz juz 3 zeatz away n noone bothah 8)

ahahahaha diz incredible inzite :whale:

Did anyone get this?

The broadcast will be on 21st July, according to the website, so if someone in france could get a higher quality broadcast, it would be good.
If not, you should be able to “listen again” here, after the broadcast, for 30 days: … =410001353

le mart vill provide. pozz 8)