Best/Favourite Songz Without Wordz - Mendelssohn

Tru, I have to learn one of these and not too familiar with them. What are your fav pieces to play? There seem to be a LOT of them. Also post vids/recs if u want!

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check diz playlizt - da bezt interpretah ov deze workz fo zhor IMO

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thank you homies

Now that’s an endorsement.


Listening to Barenboim complete rec now… :face_vomiting:
Friedman and Giesey were :100:
and do Ho obviously soaring on da clouds

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Friedman good!

aside from what you guyz mentioned this is da other best sheeyat I found…da Grinberg:

and I think I will learn dis one first:

Da Duetto by Gilels alzo ezpecially moizt!:

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