best HO rec of the Brahms 2?

da mofo recorded it s TON…
with Toscanini: 1939, 2 from 1940, 1945, 1948
with Walter: 1948 (not circulating, nobody has it)

randomly, I like da live 1948 rec with Toscanini most of all.
Apparently da Bruno Walter 1948 rec is even more wikid n mellow, but it is not circulating. Yet 8)

I think that the 1939 and 1948 are better than those performed in 1940. I have the 1945 but I have not heard it yet.
And about the Bruno Walter version, well, I’m looking for it from years…

Horowitz in the Brahms-2?? This thread makes no sense.

Horowitz, Gorowitz, Growitz, Grilwetz, Gilwels… Ah. GILELS! That’s how it’s spelled. :whale: :smiley: :pimp: :doc: :laughing:

Umm…do you have a lead on something?

I must be crazy, I’ve always loved the CONCEPTION behind these perfs.
So tight and concise…

The 1948 Walter rec exists but is locked up at Yale.

The mofos who leaked the solo rectals from that archive, apparently couldn’t do it for the Brahms 2 with Walter.

I’m sure it will be published one day 8)

When I’m not busy discussing philosophy or working to raise the intellectual standard of this joint, I’m biding my time as its resident troll. Including here. :slight_smile:

I don’t know VH’s recordings of the Brahms-2 well enough to set them against eachother, but I think he’s just fine too. And important. He achieved what he set out to do, to show a Brahms without the beard, and with that opened up a new direction in Brahms playing (perhaps) and made a compelling case for what can be done by taking a work out of its presumed context. But when I really want to hear BRAHMS… as he looks, with a beard… my go-to pianists are Lupu, Sokolov, Volodos. But since Lupu never played it and since Sokolov sucks, my references in this concerto are Gilels and Volodos.

I’m also a huge fan of the Richter Brahms 2 recs.

as for the Golden age mofoz…

da Godowsky, Rosenthal and Moiseiwitsch all programmed da Brahms 2


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Apparently da Ho/Walter Brahms 2 is the greatest thing since bread n jam 8)