Best orchestrator?

i think dat wuz one ov da zhort chopin valze

34/2 might be, i kan’t recall fo zhor

hahahaha da mahlah zymphz iz betta den a fuckin chop valz, juz wut da fuck

possibly respighi, ginastera, da rach, mahler, messiaen…

the list goes on and on.

No one mentioned Berlioz.


actually someone did.

i think im gonna add lutosławski to my list because of his skill with aleatoric techniques. i just got his piano concerto sheets and its all pretty apparent in there.


Berlioz was quite amazing seeing how innovative he was in the evolution of the Romantic orchestra. Again, this question is relative cuz of time. Or however the fuck you say it, fuck i’m tired…

Rachmaninoff’s use of orchestral colour is also amazing, but nothing new. His orchestra works fucking rule though

LUV Rezpighiz use of da tamtam! Church Windows…hmm, how should I finish, let’s just smack the crap out of tam tam and let it ring :smiling_imp:

ah tru, respighi can be sexy at times 8)

tru! da 2nd symphony iz gensui!

actual quote pozz:

:ho: “There iz more music in one mazurka of :chop: than in all tha symphonies of Mahler.”

that’s tru tho.

Yeah, except that it’s not…

I guess it’s all right to make fun of Mahler, but then someday you’re gonna have to listen to one of his symphonies… then you’re gonna feel like an ass.

Ravel n zhoenberg

have you heard The Bells?

Hm actually, I haven’t. Well I have, a long time ago, I just don’t remember anything from it and I never actually got to listening to it again. I just have the feeling everything Rachmaninoff wrote is amazing (he IS my fav composer, still), but that he didn’t do anything revolutionary new. More of a summary of everything that had been done, and made better.

hahaha fuckk dat wuz EXACTLY mah point in one of mah classez last week, sum fuckah wuz dissin da Mahler, wut a cock

hahaha fo once i agree wiz da canadian


-da Meph

Tru, Mozart for his wind voicing, and general transperency.