Best orchestrator?


  1. da Mezz - He’s orchestratin iz teh shit!
  2. da ROCK - da concerti provz enough 8)
  3. da Webern - hiz use of instrumentz iz fuckin gensui! he bringz out so many new colourz n… just… DAIM!

pozz da Brahmz and da Pimp


Mezz, diz trru

Crumb and R-K?

Beethoven, Brahms, Schumann, R. Strauss, Rachmaninov;

Puccini and Verdi - their orchestration of their respective operas are excellent!

not sure about Liszt for orchestration, but certainly Brahms, Rachmaninov, Stravinsky (done almost to perfection), Strauss. many more, just cant think right now.


no one spoke of Ravel and Schoenberg



My vote goes to Bruckner, Mahler or Vaughan-Williams.

Martinů or Mahler

Da Tchaik, Da Rimsky, and Da Ravel. n Da Strauss as well.

Brahms and Schumann? wtf? Dey is always critizized for dere orchestration!


Exactly - just because Brahms wrote those Concertos that have huge Orchestral involvement, doesn’t mean he’s a good Orchestrator. In fact, he spent most of his grown life trying to make up for his shortcomings in orchestration and counterpoint.

Same goes for Schumann, his symphonies are great, but they’re not particularly clever as far as Orchestration is concerned.

rezpighi haz zum zmooth touchez

but tru mahlah

:kan: pozz



i cant help mahzelf but quote da :ho: remarkz regarding da mahler.

“One Chopin piece is worth more than all Mahler compositions.”


da Ho iz korrect.


which fuckin chop piece iz dat? :lib: