Best recs of Brahms Panini Book 1?

I iz busting thru Diz mofo on ma digi here in Florida during my spare tym

Is dere any wikid recs of book 1 besides da Petri, Backhaus n NudeJa? Da Michelangeli own ordering from 1952 is wikid.

Anyone got a TRIFONOV rec? I remember da broadcast being wikid but a bit puzzy :peach:



Kissin is super clean.

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Tru? Gonna check it out again.

I happen to think da Brahms Paganini is superb music.

Check out his studio recording. It’s stunning. Actually, I really think it’s great piece of music.



da ziff rec is wikid but bizarre. Dere iz a full ziff chill prax VID of all of dem out dere, I’ve been trying to get my hands on dat.

pozz my favorites in diz set are Backhaus and Petri… and dey leave much to be desired.

I always liked Katchen in Brahms:


My 1st rec of this piece was Grafmann. Remained my fave.

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Katchen is great stuff, Petri is probably my favorite.
Check out Richter in the live and unedited recording from Vicenza

This bang for your buck rep choice

I think it is one of the greatest musical accomplishments of the Romantic era. Like the Symphonic Etudes and Diabelli Variations, far transcends the source material

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While the piano follows almost its original part, the orchestra adds somehow more emotional depth, dynamic contrasts and symphonic colors to the piece nothing

I fixed it.
Apparently there’s an earlier version played at Proms 100 years ago?



Probably Earl Wild and Kristina Miller!

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I’d have to think more about the best. But one of the worst is Paul Bisaccia.

Tru that’s a great rec. a bit “over edited” for my taste but legendary

Kristina miller makes it sound too light somehow…

Randomly does anybody have the Dooches (duchable) rec? I imagine its awesome unless he chose a shit brand piano like his chopets.