Best Schubert D 960?

Do you have the Kuerti?

btw: are you Banffing this year? 8)

Oh I didn’t know that (don’t watch House). His youngest son John is an actor.

Dear folks,

My favourite is Richters Anif near Salzburg 1972 recording.
Sokolov is also stunning.
Very interesting is the reading of Afanassiev, recorded at Lockenhaus by ECM.

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I second the live recording by Afanassiev for ECM.

Richter’s 1972 is justifiably legendary.

Pollini on DG is fantastic!

Haven’t listened to Uchida’s version in a while, but I adore her, so I’m sure she’s in my pantheon of great performances of this masterwork.

Many good. Hamelin and Lewis haven’t been mentioned here, so I will.

This is probably my least favourite of the last three Schubert sonatas; it drops off significantly after the first two movements imo.

My ex played the 960. Can’t stand the piece anymore.

And it’s so played to death… There are countless excellent recordings of it already, and I strongly dislike seeing it programmed in concert as well since it’s such an intensely deep and personal work. I can’t just listen to it at any time and played by anyone. When Lewis did 958-960 here a couple of years ago I planned to leave after intermission, but since he was so superb in the first two I stayed for 960 after all (and I am glad I did).


Rubinstein’s son john narrates the great pianist dvd in the US version and more importantly rocked a some very tight curls in boys from brazil. - Lawrence oliviers best work ; )

Also originated pippin based on this picture acting is a better gig than piano

…oh and richter and kocsis on d960

kocsis below is pretty good


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