Best Schubert D 960?

This is one of my favorite piano works. I like Kempff, Sock, and, of course, :rectum: in this sonata. What’s your favorite interpretation?

Sokolov by far


Richter Live in Prague 1972

I find Sok a bit cumbersome.

Annie Fischer
Horowitz (1953)
My #1: Schnabel

:rectum: and annie

Richter’s probably my fav. Lupu is quite good too, Fiorentino as well but I don’t like it when pianists don’t take the repeat.


maybe maria jao iz gud alzo but i dun think zo

Randomly I also love the Ruby rec (vol. 55).

da Annie’z 960 iz very fiery, juzt da way i lyk it

yes and there’s that story about him fighting with his son before he recorded it.

hahah an illegit zon pozz? :pimp:

Funny - one doesn’t notice the preceding fight in his playing, which is quite beautiful. Have to relisten to this at some stage. Rubinstein was my first Schubert D 960

he had at least one illegit child; a daughter (with Paola Medici an italian countess) who was raised in Brazil iirc. But this fight was with his eldest son Paul (who later became estranged from Ruby).

Which of Annie’s rec is better? There’s one on Emi and one on Hungaroton

I wasn’t aware of an EMI rec. The Hungaroton recording coupled with the Liszt sonata has always been one of my favourites.

Thx. There is also a recording in this box set: … 093&sr=8-7

It surprised me when i found that a character in House was acted by one of Rubinstein’s grand-children… just a bit of trivia.

Oops, totally forgot about that. :blush: