Best Scriabin interpreter?

Is it Sofronitsky? Or :rectum: ? Or Horowitz? Or anyone else?

In my view, it’s Sofro…
Wadya think? Randomly, is there any living pianist (other than da Sock) who is a really great Scriabin player? Are there any newer recordings in particular which one should hear?


God tier: Ho, Sofro, Sock

High tier: Rectum, Neuhaus

and of course there are also excellent recs by many of the usual suspects…

I dont claim to really know what a good Scriabin interpreter is, but is Ashkenazys any good? The live Scriabin for example?

i really lyk tha TAE KON BØ in tha eighth :wood:

n tru az much az i rezpec tha DOC i dun enjoy hiz zcrib at all :doc:

Eckardstein is one of the best of the young crop… imo. And he’s even better live than on his CD.

The best of all time would have to be Sofronitsky, Feinberg, Richter… Horowitz, Sokolov and Neuhaus are great too, but I feel like they didn’t record enough to give me a full picture of their Scrib playing.

There are also some great Scriabin recs by the likes of Zhukov, Freire, Fiorentino, Villa, Nikonovich, Oborin, Scherbakov, Gilels etc.

agreed with the Eckardstein comment

Ashkenazy live is amazing

hahaha yes KOJI 8)

but honestly koji’s scrib inspired me to learn and play op.11 and other scrib works

TAE KON BØ is a new name for me, have to explore his recs …
I did not know that Eckardstein plays Scriabin, but I really liked everything I have heard by him so far

Sadly, only studio recordings available on CD as afar as I can see :frowning:

Randomly, Koji’s Scriabin 5 video is easily one of the best I’ve heard. Hopefully some day he tackles the rest - and some Medtner : D

tru :dong:

hå[size=167]kon[/size] aust[size=167][/size] + taekwondo bein a wikid martial art = TAE KON BØ :rock:

ahahah but tru zo far i am tha only one to uze thiz nickname :gav:

haha :laughing: :blush:

Love that interpretation btw

I also love Sofronitsky, Richter and Sokolov.
Another favourite of mine is Igor Shukow.
He made a late recording on the small label Telos.
What is your opinion about his reading?

hahahaha tru ZHUKOV iz one of tha bezt
hiz 7th zonata iz intenze :rock:

haha da Scrib… tiz lyk Chopin… 1 fav pianist for each piece pozz…

da d# Lugansky-Kissin tied (tru… no HO)
son4 Eck
son5 da fucking Doc. juzz because of the fucking amazing tech. You don’lt listen the akwardness of the sonata anywhere and the music flows amazingly.
son7and8 da Autsbo… man… da 8 its a fucking legendary recording…
son9… no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

ahaha da clazzic paralympics :gold:

ahahahahah tru he iz not tha zpeediezt :gav: