Best-selling classical rec evah - Ayo (4 seasons,1959)

Here’s a classic, but who knows… you might have not heard this particular recording.

According to this article, about classical music best sellers: … assic.html

…Vivaldi’s Four Seasons makes number three in the charts, no surprise there. But the artists involved are not the ones you’d expect. The Italian chamber group I Musici, founded in 1952, were the first to play Viv in stereo and their version never went out of print…

So here it is, 1959 recording of Vivaldi’s 4 seasons by I Musici and Felix Ayo. Music before you had to have funky hair or multi-million dollar marketing campaigns to sell recordings.

Anyway, Mr. Ayo mentioned a few years ago that he estimated over 15 million copies sold “in all formats” which would have this recording in a solid first place.

But, regardless of that… I hope you enjoy the music. It was a fantastic ensemble and he (still, he’s 75) is a great violinist, better known for his baroque recordings.

Very cool. I can’t say I’ve ever heard a Four Seasons recording that I truly liked. Maybe this’ll be the one.


This should be intriguing… Thanks!