Best site/program to rip YouTube Vids+Audio?

Most only go up to 192k + 720p as far as I’ve seen

Which is the best free one?

You mean to download?

I use jDownloader, which works fine.

Tru :sunglasses: Thanks!

Intending to rip da SHISHKEBAB vids before they’re inevitably removed

Oh, if you don’t already have it keep an eye out on their forums for an ad-free version

Their standard download has ads inside the program, but it so happened that there was a bug with this during the week I downloaded the program 4-5 years ago, upon which they momentarily offered an ad-free version in their forums. A friend installed the program as well about a year ago, and we then discovered this link to the ad-free version in fact still worked. He found it by himself so it is somewhere there (or was somewhere there last year), but if you can’t find it I might have it in my e-mail archive.

Otherwise the ad version is probably fine too, just more annoying.