Bezt piecez fo developin crizp articulation n freedom from da pedal

It haf already been eztablizhed argued dat da BACH iz legendary fo diz

It zeem dat da zame can be applied fo any pre-romantic piecez becuz dey don’t depend upon da pedal az much

Bezidez BACH - which piecez n rep wud u zuggezt to improve clarity cuntrol n bazically - freedom from da Pedal coverin up any dizcrepenciez

Chop Mazks? Phrasing is important there, which sometimes means you can’t use the pedal as much as the harmonies allow.


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Tru! Off da top ov yo head which pozt-clazzical rep do u noe datz bazically purely-crizp n pedal free?

The Prok Scherzo?

¯_(ツ)/¯ ¯(ツ)/¯ ¯(ツ)/¯ ¯(ツ)_/¯

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DIZ particula et very rape-proof n demandz pure clarity

Alzo da

Not pedal free rep but great workz for dizplayin crizpnezz

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Diz da moz rape-proof KAN piece :sunglasses:

It comes down to decisions really, even in Bacchus.

Right, yeah da COMME too would be a mess with pedal. In post-classical I can primarily think of these fast, rhythmical pieces which would be blurred by the pedal - but even there you typically want to dip it every now and then for colour.

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Da Zcar zelexion of Zonataz foh developing crizpnezz in ardickulation


Haha rezpec

Which pozt-baroque n pozt-clazzical piecez can be uzed fo deze purpozez or iz it impozz to achieve da zame rezultz wizout playin da oldzkool rep? :lib:

Hafin zaid dat I wud ratha play Baroque workz den da Zhozty prelz n fuguez :whale:

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I’d say some workz of da French compozahz. Da French School in general known for itz crizpnezz n clarité with sumtimez zparze uze of da r. pedal. Take a work like diz: