Big news!!!!! Da jacko holding his mini concert

in mah house. i let my students perform.

Dear guests,

It’s a very joyful moment, to see how our children grow, and to see how well they can play. I purposely held this mini concert mainly to let students know that learning piano is not something boring and rigid but enjoyable and meaningful, and whoever puts effort in it, he gets to become talented.

I’ve seen some of my friends gave up piano after they have finished grade 8, some even sold their piano, isn’t it wasteful after all the fees paid? I am someone who is exceptional, who gave up piano at the age of 9(I didn’t even pass grade 1), and picked it up again at the age of 15, and when I was 18, I passed grade 8 with distinction, and then passed diploma with distinction when I was 19.

The secret behind it is not mysterious at all. The most important thing is to INDULGE. Yes. Playing piano is not doing mathematics where we have to use lots of intellect skills. That’s why; I put more efforts to encourage my students to understand what the music is about besides training them in their skills. I strongly belief that a pianist who understands and appreciate music plays piano better than those who are forced to “pass the exam”. Passing the exam doesn’t mean you are a good pianist, you know, in western countries, piano exams are not that important (unless they need the cert for something, of course!). But in the “Kia-soo” society of some culture, a cert is a must. So… it depends on the parent. If they demand a cert, I teach this way; if they want their child to become a real musician, I will teach in another way. =]

I hope what I do here can give our children a happier tomorrow through playing music. Thanks and enjoy!


4:00pm 舞蹈Cha-cha
4:15pm 1.李华光- Mary had a little lamb
2. 罗晋恒-4 easy pieces (one hand)
3. 吴芝颖- 2 easy pieces (both hands)
4. 罗晋轩- 2 easy pieces (both hands)
5. i) Brahms Rhapsody op.79 no.2
ii) Alladin theme song~ A Whole New World
6. Bryan- i) Minuet (Gd 1)
ii) Secret Garden (Gd 1)
7. Syamin- 2 easy pieces
8. 扬雯妃- i) 童话
ii) Snow White song~ Someday My Prince Will Come
9. Chan Khang Way- i) Sweet bye and bye
ii) 千里之外
iii) Winter Sonata
5:00pm 赠送礼物

hahahaha da Jay Chow tribute~

too bad i can’t be dere

what is ‘winter sonata’?

dat is tru 8)

MUCH RESPEC to da mini- studentz , good luck to them… pozz dat alladin theme sheeyat is a mofo tech highlight 8)

winter sonata… da 冬季恋歌theme song


winter sonata
Is this TV drama’s theme song?

haha rezpec the snow white sheeyat :fiorentino:

btw, how do the westerner really think about piano exams?


:jacko: :stop: :jacko:

:comme: ?


I strongly belief that a pianist who understands and appreciate music plays piano better than those who are forced to “pass the exam”.

I totally agree wit you… and whenever I hear graded pieces like 7 or grade 8, I always thought it was rather subjective …

hahah da britizh ‘grade zyztem’

pozz da moz BZ zhit in da muz*cal world :jacko:

you should see the aus one :whale:

I find grade 8 (in the UK system) to be of a really, really low standard. The Dips are more up to scratch, and respect to anyone who does the fellowship.