Birthday Tribute: Fred Astaire

In honour of the astaire’s birthday here’s an LP rip of him singing songs by Irving Berlin. This is an RMCR leech, so thanks to whichever mofo uploaded it originally.

Fred is the man, honestly his voice isn’t great but he’s very musical. Btw if anyone has more of his studio recordings pls post em.

Smoke gets in your eyes (btw you guys should hear anna moffo sing this - heaven)

One of the top 5 snazziest dressers of all-time.

and not a half bad dancer either

Random bump since I didn’t see this thread last week… Anyway, I randomly watched Top Hat just last night - the dude is insanely talented. (Ginger Rogers looks like an amateur next to His Greatness)

I can post Oscar Peterson + Fred Astaire if anyone wants it.

please do

If anyone wants them I have about 14 or so of Fred’s movies on DVD, and would be happy to upload (assuming that Chris is cool with my using his FTP for that purpose). I have all the Fred & Ginger, along with both Fred & Rita (You’ll never get Rich and You were Never Lovelier), Funny Face, Holiday Inn. All great flicks.