Bored? Judge this young pianist

Can I get some opinions here please? 24 yo pianist who’s in two major comps.

Chopin 10/8
Tchaikovsky May
Rach 39/5 etude
Tchaikovsky 19/6 variations

I don’t know if I’m getting old… but I found these (first & last) obtrusive and boastful, lacking sensitivity and refinement. There are other qualities there though, but for me they don’t weigh up the lack of attention to sound, finish and presentation here.

Yeah there’s that, I don’t disagree. I thought the Tchaikovsky May was best actually.

On a quick listen, I found the Chopin very fluid and certainly enjoyed the RH more than the LH. (even if it was occasionally scrambled) The others didn’t strike me as having particularly expressive tone or a strong personality.

Agreed with Mikey. Are these from the Russian archives? Maybe he/she’s playing on a bad sounding piano. I enjoyed the brilliant Chopin most, though to my ears the pitch seems a bit high, going to F#.

Yeah it’s some unknown pianist from the Tchai comp. I might upload them another day

Getting an error on all…

Any workin links, daddy @vladspeedster

Sorry dude I binned them.

Frankly I regret even asking, especially in this way - judging. Yes we all do it but no one really wants to come out and be that judge and have to be all critical of a young pianist. It’s a shit position. Also I realised after posting that I tend to listen for something else than most people here and it’s just like why even bother to ask when you know what’s going to come in? If someone’s not ready it’s obvious and a different opinion from a different angle isn’t going to change that.

Nah no need to regret anything.

I didn’t like him, but there’s always positives and negatives and I could at least have spelled out the positives I mentioned. I thought his playing came across well, it wasn’t just a button pusher who had gone through the motions 100 times in a practice room and went and did a 101st time in front of the mics. I also thought there was plenty of life there, it wasn’t boring. A neutral observation is that it was a very “active” pianist. That’s good some times, but at other times an undervalued trait is the art of doing nothing. But all things put together it was a :-1: here. Playing somewhat in the Ponti vein, it left a foul taste in the mouth. I thought he was roughly cut, too sure of himself and with too little knowledge of his instrument.

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Thanks but I’m just annoyed at myself because for me it’s not a question of positives or negatives here. There are interesting things about it but it’s clear the pianist wasn’t yet ready. Still a student really. Not sure it’s worth sharing anything when that’s clear

Yep, I subscribe to this. But still no need for regrets. I just thought about that judging part, I think it’s worth being a bit nuanced and not just say :-1: and then focus entirely on the negative aspects of why.