Bortkiewicz - Sonata in B major

Do it; the 2nd Sonata kicks ass, too (a shame that only Coombs has recorded it).

Lloyd Buck has also recorded it, live: … ?pageid=88
Sorry if this sounds like advertising…

actually coombs recorded the 1st sonata, not the 2nd. klaas trapman recorded the 2nd sonata, and it is one of the dullest recordings ive ever heard, which is why i think im going to buy the recording that tom suggested.

somehow i’m resistant to this guy’s music. i should really devote some time eventually to just sit down with whatever are considered his best pieces and really listen

its not really for everyone, in my opinion. the guy was a hardcore conservative romantic who went against all of the modern trends and kept up his romantic spirit. his music is much more gushingly romantic than medtner’s, but not necessarily more memorable. i like his music, but at the same time, something bothers me about it. part of me wishes he hadnt been so resistant to what was going on during his time.

EDIT: yup, cherub pretty much summed it up for me.

well i’m not a medtner fan either. the sonatas don’t do much for me, so maybe bort is just outta my taste

yeah, its not much to worry about if you dont like bort i dont think. i wouldnt consider him a groundbreaking composer by any means, nor one of the greatest romantics. he is just one of the better curiosities to be interested in, i think.

randomly, his 2nd and 3rd piano concertos were recently released by the dutch music institute. ill see if i can find the link.

haha y do mofoz gif a fukk if a compoza iz groundbreakin o not?

tiz pozzibl 2 write a gensui nigga ztylee zon 2day

tiz may not b groundbreakin but how wud diz haf any lezz mzical worth den tru nigga?

because it would be mere imitation written after years of being able to immerse in a model style and analyze extant music, rather than something driven by personal creativity and rising above the other music of its time

haha da piece wud obviouzly haf 2 hav a unique creative zpark, juz lyk any nigga zon compared 2 eachotha

i think a reverence n fear ov pazt maztahz ztopz alot ov modahn mofoz from retreadin old ztyleez

I find him to be every bit the consummate composer for the piano idiom as Rachmaninoff. His melodic writing is superb and of consistently high quality.