Brad Mehldau - Day is done

tru. I dunno if I pozted dis before, but I uploaded anyway 8)
dis includez sum wikid covahz


  1. Knives out
  2. Alfie
  3. Martha my dear
  4. Day is done
  5. Artis
  6. Turtle town
  7. She’s leaving home
  8. Granada
  9. 50 ways to leave your lover
  10. No moon at all

This rec of knives out is one of my all time favourite tracks.

haha tru, tiz fuckin legendary. Da Martha a bit wikid too. 8)

Saw Meldau live with Scofield,

now that was legendary.


respec i actually don’t own this

aw shit

if it isn’t a pain in the ass would you mind re-up?

if not that’s fine.

tru I’ll try to reup tomorrow, now I haff to sleep


thanks bro

saw him live 2 weeks ago, they actually checked for bootleg devices, tru

was fucking awesome enough though 8) some new stuff as well, mehldau is fucking genious

isn’t Meldau da one :doc: said iz best penizt in da world??

rezpc fakexz…i iz DL now 8)

haha fuck didn’t know dis

I doubt that’s true. Surely Mehldau has more sense than that.

haha i think tiz may hav been tha pianowizard account of meeting da DOC n akz him about tech

tha jre or meph kan pozz shed mo light on diz :doc:

he iz zaying dat da :doc: sayz dat da mehldau iz da bezt, nut dat mehldau iz saying dat da :doc: iz da bezt.

Ah, IC


haha pozz how da mehldau learned jazz

hahaha tru